French Lesson of the Week- September 13

French Connection

Hey there!

This week in french class, we have been focusing on the alphabet and numbers.

For this lesson, I’ll give you the pronunciations for each letter of the alphabet, and how to write and say numbers 1-10. Lets begin!

A- ah

B- bay

C- say

D- day

E- euh

F- same pronunciation

G- zhay

H- osh

I- ee

J- zhee

K- kah

L, M, N, O- same pronunciations as US

P- pay

Q- coo

R- airr

S- s

T- tay

U- ooh

V- vay

W- double vay

X- eeks

Y- ecrec

Z- zed

1- un/une: uhn/oon

2- deux: duh (not exactly, hard to pronounce)

3- trois: twah

4- quatre: cat-truh

5- cinq: sank

6- six: seese

7- sept: set

8- huit: wheat

9- neuf: nuf

10- dix: deese

0- zero: zair-oe

Thanks for reading!


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