Words of the Week- September 5th

word of the week

Here are 5 more words for you to learn this week!

immaculate; adjective: having no stain or blemish : pure; containing no flaw or error

Example Sentence: Even a minor scandal has the power to tarnish an immaculate reputation.

brusque; adjective: markedly short and abrupt

Example Sentence: On her first day of work, Diana’s new boss gave her only a brusquegreeting before showing her the place where she would be working.

rigmarole; noun: confused or meaningless talk; a complex and sometimes ritualistic procedure.

Example Sentence: Rather than go through the annual rigmarole of filling out tax forms, Maureen would rather pay an accountant to do her taxes for her.

affront; verb: to insult especially to the face by behavior or languageb : to cause offense to; to face in defiance : confront

Example Sentence: The challenge going ahead is to initiate the necessary changes to the organization without making those who established it feel affronted.

moot; adjective: open to question : debatable : subjected to discussion : disputed

Example Sentence: Since the team would have lost anyway, it’s a moot point whether the umpire’s call was right or not.

Come back next week for another 5 words, courtesy of merriamwebster.com!

Thanks for reading!


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