Words of the Week- August 30

word of the week

Hey everyone! To start off the new school routine, here are 5 words for this week!

You can also find these words and many more on my “Word Wise” page.

conspectus; noun: A general sketch or survey of a subject; a synopsis; an outline.

Example Sentence: “The extent and intensity of this vast conflict amounting to undeclared civil war issuch that it is difficult for any observer to form a conspectus or assess all itsimplications.”

inanition; noun: The condition or quality of being empty; exhaustion, as from lack of nourishment; lack of vitality or spirit.

Example Sentence: Even without, or before, revolution or foreign invasion, states can decline of theirown inanition.

supposititious; adjective: Fraudulently substituted for something else; notbeing what it purports to be; not genuine;spurious; counterfeit.

Example Sentence: “He has threatened to write a small treatise exposing my stones as supposititious I should say, his stones, fashioned and fraudulently made by his hand.” –Stephen Jay Gould, Natural History

diadem; noun: a crown.

Example Sentence: “The sky above is blue; the many clouds sun-drenched, gilded, lively havemoved down, settled like a great diadem on the broad ring of the encirclingmountains.” –Milan Kundera, The Guardian

trencherman; noun: a hearty eater.

Example Sentence: Expecting that the experience would be too exciting for him to find time to eat, wewere amazed to watch him consume a trencherman’s breakfast, scarfing down french toast like it was going out of style.

Thanks for reading guys! After another week of school, I’ll be back with another 5 words! You can also find words like these at dictionary.com.

See you next week!


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