Whats happening to my blog during the school year?


Hey guys! If you see my little countdown to the right of this post, as of today I have 5 days until school begins. However, my post schedule will have to change as I won’t be able to post as often during school.

As far as Word of the Day, instead of a single word every day, on Sunday I will give you 5 words all at once (sort of like French Connection) for the week.

French Connection will still be “French Lesson of the Week” and will most likely be posted on Sunday with 3 new french words for you to learn.

The Math Problem of the Week posts will stay pretty much the same, and I will post the problem when I can.

As far as my own posts that don’t pertain to any specific subject (Amusing Muses, Adventure Awaits) I will still post on my own free time.

Of course I’m going to continue doing book reviews whenever I finish a book! Speaking of them, I just finished Divergent, so look out for one soon!

So, this is pretty much how my blog is going to go during the school year.

Thanks for reading!


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