Book Review- The Last Olympian


The Last Olympian by Rick Riordan

Rating: A definite 5 stars

Overall Description: It is time for the final battle. The titan god Kronos has risen, and the fate of Olympus could be in Percy’s hands. With help from reinforcements, Camp Half-Blood is able to defeat most of Kronos’ enemy army. However, it all comes down to one decision that will determine whether Olympus will rise or fall. Will Percy make the right decision and bring Kronos down? Will all half-bloods rest in peace, even when a mortal takes over the Oracle’s spirit? Or, will Kronos destroy Olympus and the entire Western Civilization? It only comes down to one choice… is being “right” or believing in hope the best option? And will the final Olympian be there for Percy in the end?

Recommendation: Yes

Series Recommendation: Absolutely!

Thanks for reading guys! I’ll be back for a book review on the next series or book I begin reading!


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