French Lesson of the Week- July 9th

French Connection

Hi guys! For this week’s French Lesson, I am going to be giving you three more words to add to our ongoing French Dictionary! These words are courtesy of transparent.

a rebours; /ah-reh-boors/; adverb: backward

French/English Sentence: Ce matin, les élèves ont appris à compter à rebours de 20 à 0 pour travailler leur mémoire. | This morning the pupils learned to count backward from 20 to 0 to work on their memory.

radin; /ruh-din/; adjective: stingy

French/English Sentence: Mon oncle est réputé pour être radin ; il a beaucoup d’argent mais il a peur de le dépenser. | My uncle is well-known for being stingy; he has a lot of money, but he’s afraid to spend it.

naguere; /nuh-gwhere/; adverb: years past

French/English Sentence: L’école de naguère était bien plus difficile que celle d’aujourd’hui ; il était très dur d’obtenir son diplôme. | Schooling in the past was much more difficult than today’s; it was very hard to get your diploma.

Come back next week for another French lesson! Thanks for reading!


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