French Lesson of the Week- August 2

French Connection

Hey everyone! For this week, I’m going to be extending our French dictionary with three new words with pronunciations courtesy of!

penaud; /peh-nahwd/; adjective: sheepish

French Sentence: Mon chien s’est enfui de la maison la nuit dernière, mais il a dû se sentir coupable car au matin il est revenu tout penaud.

English Translation: My dog escaped last night, but he must have felt guilty because in the morning he came back all sheepish.

poisseux; /poy-soo/; adjective: sticky

French Sentence: Si tu laisses de la confiture sur la table, ce sera tout poisseux!’

English Translation: If you leave jam on the table it will be all sticky.

arnaquer; /arr-nuh-qwer/; verb: to rip off

French Sentence: La police a arrêté un couple de jeunes retraités qui arnaquaient les touristes en leur louant par internet un appartement qui n’existait pas.

English Translation: The police arrested a newly retired couple who were using the internet to rip off tourists by renting them a non-existent apartment.

Come back next week for another French lesson!


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