French Lesson of the Week- July 20th

French Connection

Hey guys! For this week’s French Lesson, I am going to give you three more French word of the days to know. These are all courtesy of and for pronunciations.

ecluse; /ee-cloos/; lock

French Sentence: La Seine est parsemée d’écluses ; il n’est pas facile de les passer lorsque l’on est débutant sur un bateau.

English Translation: The river Seine is dotted with locks; it is not easy to navigate them when you are a novice on the boat.

avoir besoin; /ah-vwah-beh-soyn/; to need

French Sentence: Vous allez avoir besoin d’un bateau plus grand.

English Translation: You’re going to need a bigger boat.

ramoner; /ruh-moen-er/; to sweep

French Sentence: En France, faire ramoner sa cheminée annuellement est une obligation légale.

English Translation: In France, having one’s fireplace swept yearly is a legal obligation.

Thanks for reading! Come back next week for a new lesson on the French language!


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