The Mystery of SPF

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The Mystery of SPF

It’s summer. That means hitting the beach, going on vacations, and of course, constant application of sunblock. Ever noticed the SPF numbers on the front of the bottle, and wondered what exactly that means? Today, I did some research to answer these three questions:

What does SPF stand for?

The higher the number, the better… right?

Is it good to get some sun unprotected?

Here’s what I found:

1. SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. This measures the amount of ultraviolet radiation from the sun the lotion can protect your body from, compared to how much the radiation would burn your body exposed.

2. Not necessarily. Although the higher the number, the more the lotion is supposed to last, but the further on in the day you go, it could very well wear off. Also, with an additional amount of lotion on your skin, there is an increased amount of chemicals. These chemicals can cause medical problems with the skin. Overall, anything over 30 isn’t necessary. Having to re-apply would work out better in the long run instead of using just a higher SPF of sunscreen.

3. Absolutely! Research shows that in order to receive enough Vitamin D, you should spend about 20 minutes in the sun before lathering yourself with sun lotion. Otherwise, you could have to find unnatural ways to intake Vitamin D.

This was certainly interesting to learn about, as I’ve been wondering a lot about SPF. Maybe this will help you out in the future!

Thanks for reading!


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