Book Review- The Lightning Thief


The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

This book was recommended to my by a friend.

Rating: 5 Stars

Overall Description: Percy Jackson was never a normal kid, and never will be. He can’t seem to survive a year in boarding school without being kicked out. This was normal, for a half-blood at least. As it turned out, his friend Grover is a satyr, and two of his teachers turned out to be who he’d never expect. Not only that, but his mom knew more than he thought, and his true dad was a god. Everything in his life was about to change. After getting kicked out of boarding school, he travels home to see his mom. Grover seems to be following him, though. During a vacation with his mom, Grover finds him. Percy’s mom apparently knew what was going on, and took on a long drive to Half-Blood hill. After facing many obstacles, they arrive to face a monster, (yet he would face many more to come). He battled and defeated it, and walked past the tree that guarded the boundaries of the “summer camp”. At the camp, he was claimed to be the son of Poseidon, the God of the Sea, the only known child at the time. Once claimed, he would have to prepare for a dangerous journey that, most likely, he would never return from. Even with the help of Grover and Annabeth, it would be almost impossible to prevent World War III. Can they complete their quest in time?

Recommendation: Yes!

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for my review on the second book in the series, Sea of Monsters.


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