Word of the Day- July 3rd- 5th

word of the day

I won’t be able to post this weekend, so here are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday’s Words of the Day.

Friday 6/3

interpellate; verb: to question (someone, such as a foreign minister) formally concerning an official action or policy or personal conduct

Example Sentence: At the international tribunal, U.N. officials interpellated the premier about his country’s acquisition of illegal weapons.

Saturday 6/4

apprehension; noun: a : the act or power of perceiving or comprehending; b : the result of apprehending mentally : conception

Example Sentence: Oddly combined with her sharp apprehension … was the primitive simplicity of her attitude….

Sunday 6/5

cavil; verb: to raise irritating and trivial objections; find faultwith unnecessarily

Example Sentence: He finds something to cavil at everything I say. 

Thanks for reading! Check out Word Wise for a complete list of Words of the Day!


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