Words of the Day- June 28

word of the day

English and French Words of the Day- June 28


Sorry that there was no Word of the Day yesterday, I attended a special family function.


cybrarian; noun: a person whose job is to find, collect, and manage information that is available on the World Wide Web.

Example sentence: The university’s cybrarians maintain libraries of Web sites pertaining to specific fields of study.


dos d’âne; /doe-dahn/; noun: speed bumps

French Sentence: Pour réduire la vitesse à l’approche du centre-ville, les services municipaux ont installé des dos d’âne sur la rue principale.

English Sentence: To reduce the speed approaching the town center, the town hall installed speed bumps in the main street.

Come back tomorrow for another set of words! For even more words, visit the Word Wise page!


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