Book Review- The Fault in Our Stars

hooked-on-books-logojpgThe Fault in Our Stars by John Green

Rating: 5 Stars

Overall Description: 17-year-old Hazel suffers from lung tumors. Despite a miracle that allowed the tumors to shrink, her lungs still fill with liquid and require medical treatments. As her mom put it, she was depressed. She joined a support group for cancer patients like herself, and while the support group didn’t necessarily help her, she did meet Augustus Waters. Augustus, or “Gus”, deeply fell in love with Hazel. In fact, they traveled to Amsterdam together to see their favorite author, Peter Van Houten. Although things go haywire at Peter’s hidden-away house, they still enjoy themselves in Amsterdam. It was Augustus’s “wish”, after all. Augustus and Hazel are really enjoying life for once, all until a tragedy occurs that will change Hazel forever.

Recommendation: Absolutely!

Thanks for reading! Come back soon for a book review on my current book, “The Lightning Theif” by Rick Riordan.


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