Book Review- Sent


Sent by Margaret Peterson Haddix

Rating 5 Stars

Overall Description: After Chip, Alex, Jonah, and Katherine discover that they are the Missing children from history, they must go back to their original time period. Chip and Alex originally came from the 15th century. Along with Jonah and Katherine to help, the group is transported to 15th century England. As it turned out, Chip and Alex were the two princes at that time. In normal history, they were supposed to have died from a fall out of a window. However, since they were taken out of time, that never happened. All of these changes sent out time ripples. Together, the team would have to work together by the help of “JB” to fix history. Will they do it? Only time will tell. 😉

Recommendation: Yes

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for even more book reviews!


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