French Lesson of the Week- July 12

French Connection

Instead of just doing a word/week, sometimes I’ll go over different french courses or give you multiple new french words to learn. Today, though, I would like to focus on Basic Words. This already existed on my French Connection page, but these are words that you will absolutely need to know when speaking French. Here are the words, pronunciation, and definition:

Bonjour; /bon-jore/; Hello/Good Morning:

Bonsoir; /bon-swah/- Good Evening

Bonne nuit; /bon-nwee/- Goodnight

Au revoir; /ah-reh-vwah/- Goodbye

S’il Vous Plait; /see-voo-play/- Please

Merci; /mehr-see/- Thank You

Oui; /wee/- Yes

Non; /noewn/- No

Thanks for reading!


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